a Boxing day walk.

It was pretty chilly today but Boxing day is the perfect day for a long walk on the Whiterocks beach, on the north Antrim coast. The rain cut the walk short or at least encouraged us to turn back towards the car park. At its best it was grey but there was just the hint of a distant sun on the horizon.


There was a scattering of people jogging or walking their dog or just walking off the excesses of yesterday.


Even on a day like today if you look for it you can find something which catches your eye. Layers of sand left by the tide or a stranded shell with a channel in the sand.



Whiterocks beach

I spent last night on the north coast with my 10 year old son. It was pretty wet yesterday and we were all “DVDed” out. This morning was such a contrast – about 10 degrees and almost un-interrupted sunshine. I fancied going back to the Strand where I took some shots last weekend on a very windy, cloudy afternoon but as we drove along the coast road we stopped at Whiterocks. There were lots of walkers, dogs, the odd horse and the inevitable surfers.

That part of the coast is such a beautiful place – with the backdrop of the cliffs, Dunluce castle in the distance, miles of golden sand and the constant crashing of the waves. Its amazing if you think of all this as reflecting our God.



Finally I thought I would try something a little different taking this shot as the water flowed back out to sea trying to catch the ripples and turbulence caused by a pebble. Managed to avoid getting wet feet.