ginger toms…

we have 2 ginger tom cats.  Their personalities are very different – George enjoys being stroked and pushes his head towards your hand, Garfield may choose to enjoy being stroked but more often shrinks away.  Garfield is the younger, has more stripes on his tail and white around his eyes, he likes to pick a fight, saving a tuft of ginger fur in the hall.  You will suddenly hear a throaty growl followed by the noise of someone beating a hasty retreat.


We have had George the longest – his eyes are rimmed in black.  He tolerates Garfield and knows the neighbourhood well.  Our friends in the cul de sac will tell how they find him asleep upstairs or helping himself to their cat food.IMG_6223

But this is typical of both of them – curled up in the evening on the sofa, but claws still ready for action.IMG_6570

Or in warmer weather hiding in the garden waiting for someone to come home. IMG_5008