the dark (foggy) hedges

ok – I have put up photographs of the dark hedges a number of times but this morning was foggy and it seemed like a good idea when my wife suggested a trip over.  For the very first time we saw almost no-one, usually there are wall to wall tourists dreaming of game of thrones.

This morning it was just above freezing and the melting drops of frost were raining from the branches.  In the bushes beneath the trees a few defrosting berries hang on waiting for a hungry bird.




dark hedges part 2

its only a few months since I last took a few photographs of the dark hedges near Armoy. Even before 7am this morning I had to dodge either another photographer or the occasional car…..


..the morning sun managed to make an appearance from behind the clouds casting shadows across the branches…



..finally I thought I would go for an image that is less recognisable – as these trees are probably the most photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland.


Dark hedges

this morning was very wet – but an opportunity to visit the dark hedges to take a few photographs in between the showers. The rain has 2 advantages – keeping away the tourists and creating puddles for reflection. Even so we still had to dodge about half a dozen people with their cameras and a number of cars. Apparently the dark hedges have become the most photographed natural feature in Northern Ireland – perhaps partly because it appeared in game of thrones. They are all beech trees, were planted in the 18th century as a grand entrance to a country house and are haunted (best visited at dusk to check out that feature)


IMG_4159 copy