and the zoo (part 3 & final)


amazing to see a large cat like this strolling around, it’s such a beautiful animal.


My favourite photo of the trip was this little otter. He was full of personality, darting around the place.


I also enjoy the birds of prey. This eagle looks so proud and confident and on top of its game.

the zoo (part 2)

A few more shots of Belfast zoo from half term. I am not too sure how the shot being taken in this picture turned out.


this breed of lions are called Barbary lions and extinct in the wild. Only 34 exist in zoos around the world. Not bad for Belfast zoo! According to Wikipedia the Romans used them in the colosseum.


and finally I wonder what he’s thinking?


the zoo

this week I was off for a few days over half term and took my son to Belfast zoo, something he has been asking to do for a while. My childhood memories of any zoo is of a smelly, damp place full of unhappy looking animals in cramped enclosures. Well,things have changed for the better and this collection of shots tell a different story…