On Easter Day…

It’s Easter weekend. It seems appropriate to put up some shots from the last week – beautiful scenery & newborn lambs feeding or snoozing in the spring sunshine. I am going to avoid the predictable sacrificial lamb reference.

It’s been an interesting week. We’ve watched 1 medieval cathedral burn down with promises to raise vast amounts to rebuild. I think a medieval building has great value – but wonder if malnourished children dying of preventable disease are more important to Jesus.

Then we’ve had a glimpse of the past with the senseless death of a journalist in Derry. This morning I listened to her letter to her 14 year old self. It’s an incredibly moving piece. I just felt that this girl was made to feel less of a human being by the culture around her. As a Christian I just can’t sign up to that. Like the rebuilding of a cathedral our priorities have become twisted.

Jesus responded to whoever demonstrated faith – that could be surprising and did not just come from his own community. On one occasion a leader of the occupying force impressed him. Whilst we tend to look just at the outward appearance- nothing deeper.

Maybe we should seek to understand a little more.

Seek to judge a little less.

Seek to leave judgement up to God.

Seek first our own relationship with Jesus

Seek to see our fellow human beings through His eyes first.

2 thoughts on “On Easter Day…

  1. Lovely message Clifford and very profound. I totally agree with everything you’ve said. Jesus didn’t did for some of us He died for all of us even though we are unworthy. Blessings this Easter. Pictures are great too!

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