maple in autumn




as the sun goes down at this time of year the evening light catches the leaves of the maple in our back garden.  I took these last night after a really beautiful day.  I only had a few minutes before some cloud cover obscured the sun’s direct rays.

Aren’t the colours amazing especially against a clear blue autumn sky?  Its worth pausing to take in a glimpse of God’s world.






a couple of weekends ago we visited Stirling uni and on the way home had a flying visit in the rain to Dunblane cathedral.

It’s beautiful, even on a grey wet Sunday morning.  The brick work around the great wooden doors is worn away – it’s hard to get a picture that doesn’t look a bit crooked, the graveyard is packed and there is a river at the bottom of the hill.

Belfast skyline


This week I spent 3 days at work at the Farset International Centre on the Springfield Road in Belfast.  Wasn’t expecting this view.  You can see right across the city from large parts of the Belfast Trust to the shipyards.  These shots were taken on Thursday from early morning through the day as the skies cleared and the sun broke through.