SnaSS stands for Sunday night at Seymour Street – a youth group that meets on Sunday evening at a Methodist Church, Seymour Street, Lisburn.  My kids go along.  Last Sunday evening was a little different – the evening church service was handed over to them (and some a bit older) and this is what they did.  Several hours of praise, praise, praise. Some did find the volume challenging.  But if you have a singing voice like mine you can get stuck in in the knowledge that no-one can hear you (hopefully).

People could move around if they wanted and some came to the front to put their thoughts into pictures, others came forward for prayer.  The great thing was that this was not just a youth event – the whole age range turned up.  The whole family.

The 3rd artist’s picture sums it up for me because that is how it feels when you spend time with God.