Belfast food tour

I bought Janine a token for Christmas with Belfast Food Tour.  ( It’s kind of a group or couple thing to do so we purchased a 2nd ticket and organised it for yesterday.  We met up at St Goerge’s market & the group turned out to be just under 20 – everyone of us from Northern Ireland.



Caroline, the tour guide can talk – very entertaining and keeps the craic flowing…


Lots of stuff about local producers, both solid produce and liquid


time for sausage and soda and potato bread before moving on in the direction of the cathedral quarter.

So a happy morning of sampling hour after hour.  Its amazing the range of local produce you encounter – we are in Ireland so Co. Armagh cider, stout, gin, but also drinking chocolate (with a brownie and a lesson on how to taste chocolate professionally), coffee, salami from Aughnacloy, fabulous pasta, butter made with dulse (makes bread and butter just mouthwatering), oh and this amazing




‘Passion watermelon rind pickle’ – doesn’t sound great to me but a taste to die for!  In 4 hours saw parts of Belfast I’ve ever seen and was entertained all the way.