Saint Chappelle

We visited Saint Chappelle near Notre Dame on Wednesday.  It’s much smaller than Notre Dame but unlike any other church I have seen before.  Its stained glass windows seem to take up most of the building.  The first floor is beautiful and then you climb a spiral staircase to an incredible upper floor which is much much taller and takes your breath away.




a wedding – Curtis & Christina.


last week we were invited to a friend’s wedding.  It was a fantastic day – the bride and groom’s families were both long standing members of the church I go to and so many of the guests knew most of the people there.  It was a day when Brian the minister spoke about the power of love in this crazy, mixed up world.


One of the ushers walking his mother (also mother of the bride) up the aisle to her seat – it is blurred with the movement but catches the mood of the occasion.

_MG_8372just some of the flowers…


and a few buttonholes…



and finally father and daughter in front of the paparazzi.