You go to bed one night and it is looking predictable – Farage is even talking of REMAIN edging in with a slim majority, then at 5am my iPad pings announcing that it has received a BBC announcement, and suddenly I am very wide awake.

Its not how I voted and my immediate response was to feel disturbed.  I have seen one very positive thing though – my daughters aged 16 and 18 are – for the first time – paying attention and interested in politics.  At 8am on Friday morning my 16 year old came out of her room to announce what she had just read on her phone.  She was not impressed and headed into her sister’s room to discuss.

Another positive is a point of congratulations – Boris did not exhibit even a sense of triumphalism, perhaps a lesson for some Northern Irish politicians.

On Friday I found myself checking the BBC website for updates during the day.  On a day like that I like to look for the personal human story and I found it in a picture of David Cameron at the podium outside number 10.  It is not him however but the facial expression on Samantha Cameron’s face.  When you strip away all the politics and the drama there is a woman standing there doing what she can to support her husband – she looks full of concern and pain.  His voice had the slightest tremor but only for a moment.  As they walked back through that famous door he seemed to be comforting her.  Its an important lesson for us all about the twists and turns that life can throw at us – just a few days ago no-one was predicting anything close to this.

I have read or heard many things about what this means.  I think it means very little immediately but frankly the unknown in the long term.  But isn’t it interesting how the pound does not loose value or fall – it plunges to its lowest level since 1985.  The media just love this sort of thing.  I have read press articles about the implications for Scotland and for the Irish peace process whilst at work yesterday I heard someone ask would it effect the cost of mobile calls in Europe.  I have also read some very well written posts on Facebook reminding us that people voted in either direction for genuine and important reasons.

However the world is going to continue to revolve on its axis.  Night is going to follow day. Just a few weeks ago I was at the confirmation of a niece in a small Church of Ireland in a little place called Mullavilly in County Armagh.  That church was consecrated over 200 years ago –  if we consider the changes that have taken place in our world in that time its extraordinary, Queen Victoria was not yet on the throne, women did not have a vote, Ireland was united but British and the list could go on.  We have witnessed a major change but perhaps we need some perspective.  I took a few shots of the stained glass windows which have important messages at a time of uncertainty.  I am the alpha and the omega says one window.  Be still says the other.  I think they speak for themselves.