dublin zoo

we are in Dublin this weekend to celebrate my 11 year old son’s recent exam result.  So today was spent  in Dublin zoo with him whilst the girls shopped in the city centre.  The big cats were impressive, I have never noticed a gorilla eating broccoli before and the reptile house was worth seeing too.




Wallace fountains.

_MG_6948There are 2 Wallace fountains in Lisburn, Co. Antrim.  This one in Wallace Park.  Made of cast iron they originate in Paris when Sir Richard Wallace gifted them to the city.  Today there are examples all over Europe although especially in Paris itself, as well as far afield as Quebec, Canada.  This type is ornate with 4 ladies representing kindness, simplicity, charity and sobriety.  It no longer functions but apparently many in Paris still do, providing clean water for the homeless.  Long lasting philanthropy.