number 264

Taking a welcome Easter break on the north Antrim coast. The weather is not very Easter or spring like. However at one point today it stopped raining and I got outside to take a few shots nearby.

I came across some daffodils in a lane way leading to a falling down cottage. I noticed them because they are a bit different – I used to call these “double” daffodils although I doubt that’s an official term.


They remind me of daffodils I used to pick as a child. I grew up on a small farm in Co. Armagh which included 2 orchards. Every spring these “double” daffodils appeared all around the edge of both orchards. I remember being told they were planted by my great grandmother.


Today this cottage is in a pretty poor state and I don’t imagine number 264 has been lived in for several decades.


There are some outhouses opposite with lots of cracked paint and rotting wood.


The house itself looks like there was a single room downstairs. No inside toilet, I imagine no hot running water…. and all around is overgrown and forgotten.


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