window on our world

I rarely manage it but love to visit a museum just to wonder round, reading about all the exhibits. My family are very much less enthusiastic and in the case of my son just want to run around stopping at whatever takes his fancy. Nothing is read and my approach is so boring.
This week on annual leave I got to go to the Ulster museum all by myself one morning. They have a large very contemporary central atrium and off to one side is the “window on our world.” On several glass floors are a series of exhibits as diverse as a celtic cross (the original from Co. Louth dating back to the 10th century) and a triceratops skeleton and a cannon from the Spanish Armada found in Donegal and the skeleton overhead of a whale.




you can just see the rib cage of the triceratops in this shot above the cross.


from upstairs you can catch this view of the triceratops overseeing the Irish history section below:


and by the way entrance is free.

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