Last June I had American friends (Keith and Kimberley) visit and took them to the viewing gallery of the Victoria Square shopping centre in Belfast. This was one of my favourite shots from that day.


Since then I have been meaning to go down to the Titanic quarter and get different angles of the cranes that seem so much part of the Belfast skyline. Of course they weren’t present when the Titanic was built over 100 years ago. One of the recent additions to the landscape is of course the Titanic museum so I set out to capture both the Harland and Wolff cranes and the height of this modern building.


The area is massive and each of these giant structures is just a small part of the landscape.


the view is stunning – not least because of the fact that Belfast is nestled between hills – to the north the Antrim plateau (seen in the distance here) towers above the city.


Finally I found something that looks like it dates back before Titanic – these wrought iron gates with a view of the cranes beyond.


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