Wallace Park, Lisburn





These shots were taken in the last month in Wallace Park, Lisburn. I took my 10 year old son there this afternoon to try out his new flicker, I think the colours were probably at their best yet in some trees whilst others were close to bare. It is just at that stage when each gust of wind tears a few more leaves free and then they spiral all the way down.




Do you remember when every October primary schools were packed with little boys with conkers stuffed in their pockets? – eager for break time so they could run out to the playground. At home they had managed to bore a hole through the nut, pass throw a piece of string and then they were ready. By the end of the day the victor was the one whose conker was still intact, whilst everyone else was left with fragments strewn across the tarmac. I am not quite sure why this part of childhood has disappeared.

more autumn colours


What an amazing September – so much sunshine and so little rain.  I find I need to get down on the ground to get my favourite shots. I love the way the light catches this leaf and the details like the veins highlighted, as well the drops of dew on the blades of grass.


Every time I have been out with my camera there has been  so much to see – trees changing at different rates, chestnuts ripening, and the hydrangea colours are particularly striking.  This is Christ Church taken from the corner of the graveyard.



This morning feels like summer is back, warm sunshine on your face and everyone out to enjoy it.  Determined to make the most of it we went for a walk in Wallace park before church.  The reality of course is that there is evidence of autumn all around.  Maybe the change should have a name like sutumn.  (My spellcheck doesn’t seem to like the idea)   The best views I thought involved lying down in the middle of the park which is much easier when its dry like today.   I did get a few quizzical looks from people passing and my wife couldn’t resist taking a few iPhone shots  which I suspect will appear on social media soon – if they haven’t already.  Anyway, what better way to get yourself into the right frame of mind for worship.IMG_1410


Last weekend I took a walk along the beach at Whitepark bay about 8 in the morning. In the hour I was there I probably met half a dozen people, some walking dogs and some alone.
I got wet lying on the sand to get this shot of my footprint – it reminds me of an event over 30 years ago when I heard a poem read for the very first time at a teenagers funeral. Whilst it’s a well known poem it was new to me at the time. The funeral was significant for lots of reasons – she was a cousin and it was my first experience of a young person dying. The “punchline” of the poem is “it was then when I carried you”.