a Boxing day walk.

It was pretty chilly today but Boxing day is the perfect day for a long walk on the Whiterocks beach, on the north Antrim coast. The rain cut the walk short or at least encouraged us to turn back towards the car park. At its best it was grey but there was just the hint of a distant sun on the horizon.


There was a scattering of people jogging or walking their dog or just walking off the excesses of yesterday.


Even on a day like today if you look for it you can find something which catches your eye. Layers of sand left by the tide or a stranded shell with a channel in the sand.



its nearly Christmas

The Sunday before Christmas is a busy one in any church – this morning I got this shot just before our Sunday school carol service.  Its a beautiful window – to know Christ and make him known, is the message at the bottom.



At the front of the church are the advent candles and of course one of them has been lit each Sunday for the last 4 weeks.   Its not quite Christmas yet – its all about the anticipation and looking forward to the day.



over the pulpit in a central place is the very core of the message.  Its deliberately not quite in focus here – lets face it, the way we celebrate Christmas doesn’t exactly bring the real meaning of Christmas into sharp focus.

God with us.






Castle gardens.

Walking up the hill towards these wrought iron gates you can see across the gardens towards the Cathedral and Linen centre.


as you walk through the gates themselves there is a large flower bed to the right hand side. There are still some flowers hanging on in this sheltered spot despite the onset of winter. Mainly rhododendrons. You can pick out blooms which are surprisingly fresh right next door to petals which have completely lost their colour and are reduced to what looks like their skeletal remains.