The Strand

A grey windy day on the north coast. The waves were impressive with long streams of spray in the wind. Lunch was at Harry’s Shack overlooking the beach. ( Intend to go back!

Then we walked along the beach as far as the stakes driven into the sand stopping the traffic! This is the beach that my son refers to as the driving beach. It was just the sort of day that blows the cobwebs away. A perfect way to spend half term break.


Sir Richard Wallace


Sir Richard Wallace lived in this house in Lisburn – at least for some of the time. He was the illegitimate son of the 4th Marquess of Hertford but unlike any previous generation he spent some time on his Irish estate. As a result his name which was his mothers maiden name appears repeatedly around Lisburn – Wallace High School (he paid for the original building) and Wallace Park.


There is an impressive Wallace monument as well in the public gardens in front of the house, erected by the people of Lisburn after his death.


Known for his philanthropy these pictures also show an example of a water fountain which he donated to the town – there is another example in Wallace Park. Clean safe water provision in the 1800s, so he must have been interested in public health.
The family are best known for their extensive art collection which can be seen at Hertford House, Manchester Square, London (




Do you remember when every October primary schools were packed with little boys with conkers stuffed in their pockets? – eager for break time so they could run out to the playground. At home they had managed to bore a hole through the nut, pass throw a piece of string and then they were ready. By the end of the day the victor was the one whose conker was still intact, whilst everyone else was left with fragments strewn across the tarmac. I am not quite sure why this part of childhood has disappeared.

more autumn colours


What an amazing September – so much sunshine and so little rain.  I find I need to get down on the ground to get my favourite shots. I love the way the light catches this leaf and the details like the veins highlighted, as well the drops of dew on the blades of grass.


Every time I have been out with my camera there has been  so much to see – trees changing at different rates, chestnuts ripening, and the hydrangea colours are particularly striking.  This is Christ Church taken from the corner of the graveyard.