a view of Sheep island

a view of Sheep island

I took this yesterday from Larrybane. We had been down at the water’s edge for about an hour without seeing a soul. On climbing back up the hill towards the car park I noticed these dandelions. I got down on the ground and took a series of shots with different depths of field. Meanwhile a concerned couple came down the hill asking my wife if I was ok or was I praying?

Dunluce at dawn

Dunluce at dawn

Took this shot this morning around 7am. Sunrise was 06.04. This is taken from the corner of a nearby car park towards the sun with the camera on a small tripod at ground level. The result is a silhouette of the castle itself.
It was about 6 degrees and felt much much cooler so I left the car running and ran back and forth to warm up. Dunluce of course is famous for one thing – the kitchens falling into the sea during a storm.

New life.

This tree formed part of a hedge beside our house and a few years ago a neighbour took down the hedge (without discussion). The tree stump that remained has now formed a bush and is springing to life again. This evening my attention was caught by the sunlight low in the sky catching these brand new leaves.