The railway tracks.

I took this shot this morning from a railway bridge over the Belfast to Lisburn line.  I have often noticed the moss gathering on the bridge whenever I walk past.   I wanted to capture the moss in focus  and have the tracks clear enough to make them recognisable. The green light was an added bonus.

Ballintoy church

Last week I spent some time on the north Antrim coast.  The church at Ballintoy sits pretty much on its own well outside the village.  As it is white it really stands out for miles along the coast.  Although the church is quite plain on the outside , the gate and some of the railings  in the graveyard are more ornate…

Annual leave in March – photo 2

I am coming to the end of a week of leave.  It’s been so refreshing just doing normal stuff.  I will restrict myself to 2 favourite shots for this week.  They were  both taken on a very foggy morning.  I climbed to the top of Divis mountain which for those who don’t know is part of the southern aspect of the Antrim plateau which forms the hills just north of the city of Belfast.

the first shot is on the way- I stopped the car as I was struck by the view across open fields to the hills in the distance. The second shot was taken close to the summit. There are a number of radio masts up there which make impressive landmarks amidst the swirling mist.

Another church view

I actually took this a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning. We had just left the kids off at Sunday school and it was rather too damp to brave my usual walk in the park. Parts of the church are really quite ornate – this is the short staircase up into the pulpit.
I was experimenting with the depth of field. Probably would have looked better if the more of the post was in crystal clear focus.