a war memorial.

I took this shot this morning. On a very grey day. This is the war memorial, Castle street, Lisburn. In the background is Castle gardens which was originally a fortified garden for Lisburn castle. The castle was destroyed in a fire along with much of Lisburn many years ago and the gardens have been restored. In the background you can see the Wallace monument erected in memory of Sir Richard Wallace in 1890. The local MP who donated water fountains to the poor of Paris and Lisburn. Thereby supplying safe and free water. A man worth reading about.

New Year post

This is my first photograph online from my Canon 100D. Taken with a 50mm lens. This is also my first digital SLR so I have a lot to learn. For the record this was taken today 4th January 2014 at Duncan’s Dam, Lisburn, Co. Antrim. My New Years resolution is to develop a photographic blog, aiming to upload a photograph per week.